Ninjas Link – high PR link building service

Ninjas Link provides high PR link building service that is top notch quality.

Why you need high PR links?

You truly need high PR links because these links are most powerful that a site can have. These links come from related niches and sites with valid PR. These text links are not just simple links, they are in-content that are surrounded by a related content. Google loves these links because they are so powerful and they show Google best recommendations from other sites.

So, what is it exactly that we are offering?

We are offering links/blog posts from high PR blogs (min. PR3, can go as high as PR7!). We have been doing this kind of link building for years and we have befriended with a lot of people who own quality sites and blogs that have blog posts available on their sites.

We do not focus on quick results – we do focus on long-term results, this is why we are writing articles ourselves because we know what kind of articles are best for link building. After panda and penguin updates, spun content is dead and Google is able to track spun content or low quality content and they deindex those pages or even sites and penalize websites that have links on such low quality sites.

Our techniques are different however, we provide high quality links from quality sites that Google LOVES!

How to save money and time using our high PR link building service

We all know that time is important for everyone. In order to get great posts that link to you you have two ways:

  1. Guest posts – however, there is a lot of effort to be made. You need to research blogs that allow guest posts which takes a lot of time and then you have to write long and super quality articles yourself for one link. It does not seem easy nor time-saving option.
  2. Buy links from high PR blogs – this one seems a lot better option and yet, it is difficult task too … it is time-consuming to find quality blogs to buy posts … nevertheless, you need to get content yourself again or pay extra to the seller so he can write or outsource the article. People who are interested to sell posts usually do not care about the quality of content they write or outsource. They just care to sell that post. Even if they provide quality content, it does not mean that the post will stay for a very long time … there are tons of dishonest sellers who remove your posts and link within days or weeks after the sale … you also have to make sure that the articles are copyscape passed, otherwise, the post may not be indexed by Google and your site might be penalized.

I know that it sounds frustrating and it is … I’ve done that myself for years … that is why I decided to spend a fortune on buying high PR links and find honest and trusted sellers. So, if you value your time and money and you need high quality links then this service is right service for you! By using our services you will save time and money – you will not be making common mistakes like buying links from dishonest sellers or scammers. Since we have a lot of contacts, you save time … instead of taking months to get links, we will deliver the links within 2-4 weeks depending on packages you purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Place an order now and enjoy your golfing or whatever it is you do in your free time while we build truly quality links!


Trial package:
100 x PR1-PR6 blog posts
10 days drip feed

Starter package:
300 x PR1-PR6 blog posts
30 days drip feed

Regular package:
600 x PR1-PR6 blog posts
30 days drip feed

Corporate package:
1,200 x PR1-PR6 blog posts
30 days drip feed

Ultimate package:
3,000 x PR1-PR6 blog posts
30 days drip feed

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