Ninjas Link – high PR blog network

Ninjas Link is a high PR (PageRank) network of blogs which provides cheap and quality links to your or your client’s websites for literally a cost of a burger or a dinner.

High quality links for a dirt cheap price

Ninjas Link network specializes in delivering high quality links forĀ  a dirt cheap price. What is a high quality link? High quality link is a link that comes from quality sites and is contextual or within the content. Contextual links are superior to plain links (for example blog roll links or links with no surrounding text around it).

How much do blog posts on PR3+ normally cost? If you can find an individual or a company that does blog post for 10 dollars a piece than you may have a great deal. However, those companies normally don’t own these blogs and they have no power over the content of them. We are different. We own the network ourselves. Links are permanent and much cheaper than others charge. We do guarantee you that the blog posts will stay forever. For more information on the prices, you can visit the packages page, to know more about our network, please feel free to read about it below.

Ninjas Link Network

This network is still “young” and that big but we have 80 general blogs and we are increasing the amount of high PR blogs every month by a few tens of them.

  • Valid PR – First of all, all blogs have valid PageRank with some Yahoo! links. Some domains are even aged.
  • Unique domains – all blogs have their own .com, .net or .org TLDs for the maximum results
  • Unique themes – all blogs have unique themes and they don’t have any disclaimers that they belong to us. It prevents from the footprints
  • Different C-CLass IPs – This also removes the footprints that we own blogs. Different IPs also work much better than one IP. Each blog is on separate IP.
  • Any niche – most of the blogs are on topic however, it does not mean we cannot accept certain niches. Each blog contains “Other” or “Ucategorized” categories. Any site will have its place with us! Please read the terms what we don’t allow.
  • Varied creation date – this also gives less footprints that blogs belong to us
  • Drip feed – we do drip the posts. This eliminates the biggest foot print – time. We drip hourly or bi-hourly (every two hours).
  • We allow gambling – unlike our competitors, we do allow gambling sites
  • Fast indexing rate – we have seen some really fast indexing rates – within 20 minutes of posting on blogs, all posts were indexed. However, not always we see indexing this fast however, it usually takes under 72 hours.
  • No ping – we don’t ping posts. If we pinged all posts then it would trigger search engine’s radar. We don’t do it and we don’t need it. All posts get indexed very fast
  • Blogs belong to us – though there are no footprints that they belong to us, it is still the best thing – you don’t have to worry about your posts disappearing. We own the blogs and we keep the posts forever. In case any post disappear – we do replace them for free.
  • Each blog is RELLY different – yes, we upgraded the blogs and now every blog has different widgets, categories and structures (most blogs will have full articles on home page while others have only excerpts, different amount of posts on front page, etc …)
  • WHOIS protection – each blog has WHOIS protection to hide the domain data.
  • Different registrars – we use several registrars which even further makes us nearly impossible to track down.

More about the content of the network

This service is cheap and what makes it even sweeter is that you don’t need to provide content. We use PLR articles but we spin it to 40 – 80 % uniqueness so every post is different. The best thing is that every single post gets indexed and once it happens, it never gets de-indexed. If your post is not indexed with a few first days, we begin special procedures to get them indexed.

How to order?

If you want to order, simply go to order page or contact us. Better yet, you can click on the ORDER NOW button on the right side.

We hope that you enjoy our services. All of our customers do enjoy. We wish you luck with High PR links network – Ninja Links.