Q. What is Ninja Link?

A. Ninja Link is a high page rank network helping websites and SEO agencies to jump up in SERPs.

Q. How long does it take to get the report?

A. We usually start dripping the posts within 48 hours after the order. Unfortunately, we do not offer any kind of reports to protect the network. We will let you know when the orders start dripping by emailing you.

Q. Can I provide the content?

A. No, we do not allow you to provide the content. However, we may accept your article which is not spun and we may make changes to the title to have at least 7 words for better spin rate and faster indexing. For this you will have to email us.

Q. What is Spintax format?

A. Spintax is the same as Jetspin format. It looks like this: “Hello, {this day|today} is a {awesome|goodgreat|brilliant} {morning|noon|evening|night|day}”. We accept content only with 30% uniqueness or more. We check the uniqueness with The BEst Spinner software.

Q. Do you accept non English links?

A. Yes, we do accept non English links however the article will be in English. We accept non-English anchors. If you are to provide the content, the article still needs to be in English.

Q. Do you accept anchors with non English characters?

A. Unlike other blog networks, we do accept anchors with non English characters. We even accept non latin letters such as č, ž ū, œ, ™, etc …

Q. Do you add images, videos or other media?

A. No, we do not add or permit any images, videos or other media.

Q. Do you offer bulk discounts?

A. Yes, we offer bulk dicsounts. The price in the form has already adjusted the prices. If you need to buy 20+ packages, just email us and we can discuss even further discounts.